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    General principles. Current article provides information regarding the use of cookies on the Website. 

    The Website uses cookies in order to make the navigation more accurate and reliable. Some of these cookies are indispensable for the proper functioning of the Website, others allow to improve the experience of the user. 

    Most web browsers are configured so that cookies are automatically accepted. If the user wishes to personalize the management, he must change the settings of his web browser. He will find more information on this subject under the "Management of the Cookies" section of the current provision. 

    By visiting and using the Website, the user expressly gives his consent with the management of the cookies described below. 

    Definition of cookies. A "cookie" is a data file or text file that the server of a Website will temporarily or permanently store on the user's device (hard drive of his computer, tablet, smartphone or any other similar device) by using the browser of the user.  

    The cookies store certain information, such as language preferences of the visitors or the contents of the shopping cart. Other cookies store statistics that relate to the users of the Website or ensure that graphs are displayed correctly and that the applications on the website work properly. Other cookies allow the content and / or publicity of the Website to be adapted to the user. 

    Use of cookies on the website. The Website uses the following types of cookies: 

    • The essential or technical cookies: these cookies are indispensable for the operation of the website and ensure good communication and facilitate browsing
    • The statistical or analytical cookies: these cookies allow visitors to recognize and count the number, as well as to preserve their browsing behavior when they visit the Website. This facilitates browsing of the user and this allows the user to easily find what he is looking for
    • The functional cookies: these cookies allow to activate specific functions of the Website in order to improve the user-friendliness and the experience of the user, especially now that the cookies remember the preferences of the user (for example, the language)
    • The cookies that relate to performance: these cookies store information regarding the way in which the Website is used by the users. They also allow the performance of the Website to be evaluated and continuously improved (for example, by keeping track of the number of visitors, by identifying the pages and the most popular clicks), and to better align the commercial offers with the personal preferences of the user
    • The advertising and commercial cookies: these are files that aim to collect data related to the profile of the users and these files can be installed or read by third parties with whom ISDK Omni collaborates in order to improve the effectiveness of a publicity or of a web page to measure and adapt to the interests of the user

    The commercial cookies contain no personal data. The information gathered with the help of commercial cookies is used to measure the effectiveness of the publicity and to better personalize the publicity on the Website. 

    The storage period of the cookies varies according to their type: the essential cookies are generally stored until the browser is closed, while functional cookies remain valid for 1 year and cookies with regard to performance 4 years. 

    In order to be able to make offers that could interest the user, ISDK Omni can conclude agreements with advertising agencies via the internet. These are given permission by the ISDK Omni to place publicity advertisements on the Website. As soon as the user visits the Website, these advertising agencies can also collect information. 

    The management of the cookies. The majority of browsers are set up so that they automatically accept cookies, but all browsers allow to personalize the settings according to the preferences of the user. 

    If the user does not wish the Website to place cookies on his computer / mobile device, he can easily manage or delete the cookies by changing the settings of his browser. The user can also program his browser so that a notification is sent to him when he receives a cookie, so that the user can decide whether or not to accept it. 

    In the hypothesis in which the user deactivates certain cookies, it is possible that certain parts of the website cannot be accessed and / or used, or that they can only be partially accessed and / or used.